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This is the opportune and crucial time to honour him for his dedication and courage to the cultural renaissance of his beloved country. I am exhorting them to open their eyes and understand Hinduism as it is.

We Indians can get peevish about almost anything anyone does and call it an insult. Women looking for escorts. In the film, the paintings that were supposedly done by Madhuri were actually Husain's. However, he bolstered his knowledge through recitations by pandits and extensive reading before embarking on his interpretation of the epics.

Some of these sculptures might have been done my Muslims back then. Mf hussain nude paintings. And in his India, the artisan, whether he is Hindu or Muslim, painted Hindu goddesses in nude, just the way so many temples around him depict them. It argued that the song contained words directly taken from the Quran.

The artists cite "The Partition" of India and Pakistan 14 Augustwith its resulting religious rioting and heavy loss of life as their reason for forming The Progressive Artist's Group in Bombay in December It cannot be as per your own explanation.

You debate on "some Hindus" and attack entire system. Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The sad fact is such scribblings don Yes, art is dangerous. And sadly these stupid deeds are what get popularity instead of Gita, and Ramayan in written form.

These guys forgot the root cause of these riots in which over Hindus were killed in the train in Godhra! And in addition to prove that 'it is okay and not okay', there are given goes several references to Ancient Hindu sculpture and some literary works of well known authors and Photographs, etc, etc,etc. Naked girls moving. Its very good he died, he deserved that. Husain imagined and painted nude gods and goddesses of Hindu religion only?

My simple argument is that why are we teaching ourselves lessons all the time and when it comes to someone else attacking us, we take a backseat and let the law take its own course? MF Husain 'slipped'; Raj: I sent them your link as part of my response. Are there any cases of painters like Da Vinci, Picasso etc having painted something that hurt the sentiments of other religions. Will Nafisa extend her philosophical concept of depiction of nudity as purity of womanhood to the pornographic actors and actresses?

Knowing M F Husain from his speeches and interviews, it becomes clear that he celebrates India and its traditions. In Hinduism Sex and God are inseparable. Wikimedia Commons has media related to M. Some Hindus believe that there was some kind of malignant intention when M F Husain painted Hindu icons in nude.

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Gill Hafiz Mohamad Ibrahim H.

The film was showcased at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival and also won the Golden Bear short film award. Politics and Social Issues. Natural tits boobs. My only point is 1 If we don't agree with his paintings, we can say it so but we cant imagine, propagate malafide intentions on his part. He was enormously prolific. If he would have done so, he might have not got the chance to escape to other countries also Secondly, by the logic in the above argument tastes change over time so why do we want to stop Hussain from doing possible 'futuristic' art.

He who has no knowledege about his religion Islam ,we call him a non-muslim or disbeliever. Note — Since the following links to paintings are of external sites, some links may not be functional over the period. It ought to be forbidden to ignorant innocents, never allowed into contact with those not sufficiently prepared. M F Hussain was a great artist,may he rest in peace, and he touched our hearts with his purity.

He often travelled to Gujarat to paint landscapes when he could afford to. Husain at the hands of the Maharashtra Governor, who too, declined to felicitate Husain. Milf mature porn pics. Mf hussain nude paintings. Husain was honoured with many prestigious awards through the course of his controversial yet impressive career. A Painter or a Butcher? Daily News and Analysis. Instead, the use of outlines, I thought, bought out the characteristics well.

We cannot intimidate the artist or we cannot bully him or release a fatwa to kill him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Does your religion teach you intolerance? And bureaucrats are also unwilling to give a go-ahead to any public exhibition of this artwork.

Husain, which is one of his controversial works that caused outrage among some Hindu nationalists.

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Alpana Aripana Aipan Kolam. View all New York Times newsletters. Twenty-six Bajrang Dal activists were arrested by the police.

M F Hussain made several Bollywood films. Free live nude sex chat. Going bu your argument, If this the case with art, what would be the case with religious freedom, caste based discrimination etc?


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